The Real MVP


In the old days, MVP meant one thing. Most Valuable Player. It was reserved for the best of the best. Supreme. The highest honor bestowed upon someone and occasionally, some thing. In sports, this crown has perpetuated, but in the business arena we’ve stolen it, taken it hostage, consumed it and regurgitated it into some awful arrangement of those letters. We all know it: Minimum Viable Product. And in many respects, it is exactly the opposite of what the original MVP acronym stood for. The formula for Minimum Viable Product in many circles now, is equal to Lowest Acceptance Criteria x Path of Least Resistance ÷ CYA. 

If we stop kidding ourselves, isn’t it really just the bare minimum we can we get away with? In elementary school, we used to call that barely passing. But it’s also true that the person who graduates last in Medical School still gets to be called doctor.

What if we took a different approach? You have to start somewhere; and MVP, if done correctly, is simply a stepping stone to post MVP work, which is followed by full rollout and ultimately subsequent versions. So why don’t we start calling it what it is: Phase 1. It certainly sounds more promising, doesn’t it? Phase 1 almost ensures that there will be more phases to come; that we know this isn’t the end of the product cycle. MVP Doesn’t promise anything. It sounds like the company that promises you MVP is exactly the company that might leave you high and dry. Phase 1 is almost guaranteed to be followed by planned phases. Phase 1 thinking acknowledges the fact that our time, our resources, and our capacity are limited, so let’s use them to our competitive advantage. Phase 1 thinking strategically sows the seeds for Phase 2. Phase 1 thinking understands and calculates the need for further strategy, development, production and sustainment.

The truth is, the bare minimum just doesn’t work when it comes to customer experience. In fact, A good customer experience means your customers will spend more. Consider that research from PWC found that  86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.  There is no doubt that putting your customers first will not only increase customer loyalty, but also ultimately help you increase revenue.

Aspect can help you be the real MVP with the capabilities you need, deployed the way you want. Our call center solutions can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or as a cloud contact center, offering your organization the flexibility to deploy applications within the environment that best suits your needs. This also allows you to plan to move to the cloud at your own pace, or continue to utilize the deployment that makes the most sense for your business.

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