The power of personalisation in customer experience


It’s no secret that customer experience has been rapidly evolving in recent years, with consumer habits and demands changing daily and new communication channels opening continuously.

When looking at this current landscape, it can be difficult for organisations to keep pace with the change, in order to deliver a market-leading customer experience, but those who are doing so are going one step further than offering an omni-channel experience – which is an achievement in its own right – and delivering a personalised experience to everyone through the help of technology.

As an example, take a look at the fact that McDonald’s earlier this year announced that it would be acquiring personalisation company, Dynamic Yield. Through this acquisition, it would be creating personalised drive-thru menus which are dependent on weather, traffic and trending menu items.

We’ve seen these kinds of tactics coming into play for many years now, with food and beverage brands such as Heinz, Coca-Cola and Nutella creating packaging with personalised messages or names on them, but this is a great example of a brand using cutting edge technology to influence the personalisation.

This shows how customer experience is evolving and becoming much more fluid and dynamic than ever before and it’s absolutely essential that businesses are wise to this and ensure they innovate their offering to provide a unique and memorable customer experience.

But before doing so, it’s crucial to understand who your customer is and what they want from you – for example there’s no point creating a personalised drinks offering if your customers are only interested in your food offering.

This will in turn help you to understand whether you create a personalised service through the likes of chatbots, self-service technologies or indeed through predictive customer care.

As an example, we recently created a fully automated, AI-powered, Facebook Messenger chatbot, which would help UK customers easily select the best wine for their meal or moment. The chatbot – named Margot – was created for the UK’s fastest growing retailer, Lidl UK, to deliver its shoppers’ a virtual wine consultant at the tap of a screen.

This was a great example of an organisation identifying a key area that they could personalise, delivering a more exciting and unique experience for its customers. Essential to this was the technology powering this innovation and it is the brands like this who are leading the way in terms of personalised customer experience.

Learn about how we created this interactive chatbot for Lidl to deliver personalised wine expertise to its customers.

Stephen Ball

Steve Joined Aspect in December 2015 with responsibility for the Europe & Africa region.

Steve has held leadership roles in Computacenter, EMC, Orange, and most recently as RVP for Hitachi Data Systems, where he was responsible for leading HDS regional restructure and Transformation, succeeding in driving growth and market share.

Steve is passionate about delivering world class Customer Service, Technology and hiring and developing great people. He believes how you engage with your customer defines the success of any business, with the client demanding ease of interaction, when they want it and how they want it.

With a simple view that focusses on these three areas, Aspect is ideally positioned to accelerate its growth and Market share. Steve is working with the EA leadership team to create a plan and vision for Aspect EA that underpins the competitive advantage that the Aspect suite of software provides to its clients.