The Only Constant in Your Industry is Change


Every organization in every industry is eventually going to hit a bump in the road and need to create new processes for doing things. Chris Clarke-Epstein, in the latest ASUGA webinar, The Only Constant Is Change, claims that change is always going to happen and leaders should be responsible for helping employees deal with that change.

Clarke-Epstein goes on to say that leaders should be actively monitoring employees to see where they are in relation to their comfort zone. The greatest growth, for an individual or organization, occurs when people are working in the stretch zone—that space just beyond the comfort zone.

Leaders must push employees to operate in the stretch zone and, when necessary, protect employees before they reach the panic zone.  

When implementing a change, Clarke-Epstein notes that middle management, especially, has the difficult job of communicating changes that were passed down to them. It helps to first identify which types of employees are in a department. When it comes to changes, employees are either:

  • Evangelists: People who support the change and can act as cheerleaders
  • Aclueistics: People who are oblivious to the change
  • Saboteurs: People who actively work against the change

By rallying together the evangelists and educating the aclueistics, leaders can create a better starting point for presenting the change to their department or organization. In addition, leaders can help facilitate a change by understanding and following these five guidelines:

  1. Leaders must lead when it comes to the way they think about and deal with change
  2. People must want to change
  3. People must know what to do and how to do it before change can occur
  4. People must be working in the right climate that encourages trust and hope in change
  5. People must be rewarded—throughout the whole process—for changing

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