The Now Consumer: Save Me Time


nowconsumerAs a busy working mom, I rarely have the luxury of wasting time. And when I do, I want to waste it wisely. For example, spending a Sunday morning binge watching episodes of Halt and Catch Fire, reading anything other than a business book, or relaxing at the beach. These types of activities result in some much-needed ‘downtime’ in a world that is moving at hyper speed.

Finding time for the things we want to do versus the things we need to do is a balancing act that has made me more sensitive to inefficiencies. I need to do the dishes, and I may need to contact customer service but I shouldn’t need to wait on hold and be passed between agents to find out why my online order hasn’t arrived. Our time is precious and, if you are anything like me, wasting it on mundane tasks that are unnecessarily complicated can be an enormous source of frustration. Our daily lives require scheduling and rescheduling appointments, paying bills, researching purchases, filing claims, getting things fixed and so much more. These common interactions are often much harder than they need to be. Time is wasted on things like:

  • Navigating long customer service menus
  • Waiting on hold
  • Being connected to people who don’t have answers
  • Being asked to repeat your information and reason for contacting
  • Not being able to use convenient digital channels to accomplish tasks anytime
  • Inefficient processes and slow follow up

There has been a good amount of research around reducing customer effort and the impact this has on satisfaction. In fact, in an Aspect research study 77% of consumers surveyed said valuing their time is the best way to provide a good experience.

Here’s an example of how a business can design frictionless experiences that save time for today’s “Now Consumer”.









Or look at how that scenario could end differently, yet still maintain a seamless experience for the customer:


Here are a few tips for efficiently serving the Now Consumer:

  • Offer intuitive self-service channels for fast answers to easy questions
  • Use data to dynamically personalize conversations and anticipate needs. For example, “We see your flight has been delayed. Is that why you are calling?”
  • Enable them to take immediate action on proactive reminders: confirm an appointment, pay a bill, renew a subscription, transfer funds
  • Use intelligence to quickly and accurately route questions to answers
  • Maintain context so that when customers move from channel to channel, they don’t have to repeat themselves and issues are resolved faster

As you transform your business to serve and engage the Now Consumer, don’t underestimate the premium people place on their time. Not only will you build loyalty, but you’ll be implementing efficiencies that reduce the cost of service.

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