The Now Consumer: Make it Social


If your contact center hasn’t made strides to improve the experience you provide for your customers, you may want to add toilet bowl scrubbers to your inventory. That’s because according to the “2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index Survey” over a third of consumers today would rather clean a toilet than contact customer service.

This startling statistic demonstrates what pioneering contact center leaders already know: contact centers must exceed the expectations of their customers in order to retain an edge in the competitive global economy today. 

In the Now Consumer Series we focus on how enterprises can tailor the customer experience to today’s consumer. The challenge though, is that consumer expectations are constantly changing. Throughout this series, we have discussed how the modern consumer expects personalized support. They expect a seamless mobile experience, and they want advanced self-service offerings.

Now it’s time to look at the role of social media as a facilitator in the relationship your business shares with your customers.

By the end of 2016, social media giant Facebook boasted 1.86 billion monthly active users alone. Millions more are engaging on the multitude of other social media platforms. And according to research from JD Power, two-thirds of users are now using social media platforms for customer service.

But engaging with your customers over social media is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, resolving customer service issues on social media can empower your agents to cast your brand in a positive light in a free and public forum. On the flip side, a failure to provide stellar support in such a public forum can result in a public relations nightmare.

So how can your organization be sure to provide the level of service on social media that will endear customers to your brand?

Deploy chatbots: Consumers today don’t want to have to leave social media in order to go through the service process. Deploying chatbots to social channels and messaging applications will empower users to resolve simple inquiries without having to speak directly to an agent.

Integrate your channels: Your customers’ social media presence provides your agents with a wealth of actionable, personalized data. In order to provide a seamless customer experience on social be sure that your channels are integrated so that agents can access the customer’s entire history in real-time.

Reply quickly: If you thought your customers were impatient when it came to waiting on hold, social media presents a whole new challenge to your agents. While consumers have always demanded timely response to their inquiries, the pace is accelerated on social media. And because most interactions on social media have a time stamp, your agents have a very small margin of error.

The odds are good that your customers are willing and able to engage with your organization on social media. Be ready for them by incorporating cutting-edge contact center solutions today.