The Now Consumer: Make it Mobile


In some respects, the fundamental components behind a superior customer experience are not subject to change. Consumers have always, and will continue, to expect quick results from friendly and skilled contact center agents. But while the elements that create a superior customer experience may not change much over time, the ways that those conditions are met certainly have.

The reason there has been a shift in the delivery of exceptional customer service is because the modern consumer is very different from preceding generations. The modern consumer is more informed, more discerning and, perhaps most importantly, more connected than ever before. In fact, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of adults in the United States now own a smartphone—up from 35 percent only five years ago.

However the introduction of smartphones, and other connected mobile devices, have not changed the underlying tenets that comprise a great customer experience. But they have certainly changed how that experience is delivered. Consumers continue to express growing interest in mobile-friendly customer service channels like text, chat and messaging applications. According to the “2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index Survey,” nearly half of consumers reported that they would rather conduct all customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging service.

Additionally, 39 percent of survey respondents indicated that texting was a more effective communication option than talking when engaging with a company. This figure is notable because it does not merely position the question in terms of customer service. Instead, it refers to all engagements with a business.

So what can businesses do to ensure that they are well-suited to meet the expectations of mobile-minded consumers today?

Deploy chatbots to mobile channels: Based on the results of the Aspect Survey, it appears that consumers are finally warming up to the idea of engaging with brands via mobile messaging platforms. 69 percent of consumers reported that they interact with intelligent assistants or chatbots at least once a month. Leveraging chatbots will enable your organization to resolve basic inquiries more quickly, giving your agents more bandwidth to handle consumers with complex requests.customer personalization

Focus on context and customer history: Mobile-minded consumers can rapidly jump from channel to channel with the mere swipe of a finger as they engage with your organization. But no matter how often, or how quickly, consumers switch channels, they still demand a consistent experience. In fact, 88 percent of consumers expect a natural transition between automated self-service and agent-assisted service that keeps the context of their interactions to avoid having to repeat themselves.

Use a proactive outreach strategy: On-the-go consumers don’t have time to wait and they cannot afford unwanted surprises. Get ahead of issues, or delight consumers with an unexpected surprise, by reaching out proactively to provide customized information that may be critical for them. A majority of your consumers are carrying connected devices with them right now—use it to your advantage and you will keep your consumers engaged and satisfied.

To see how your organization can retain a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business world, check out some of the cutting edge contact center solutions built to satisfy your mobile-minded consumers today.

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Chris O'Brien