The Benefits of CXP 20


We recently announced the general availability of Aspect® CXP™ 20, the leading application for designing, developing and deploying the omnichannel self-service solutions customers demand.

In our latest release, we’ve taken the next step in delivering effective omnichannel self-service solutions with the integration of additional natural language understanding engines, enhanced voice capabilities, social chat support and new hosting capabilities for disposable applications. In addition, third-party software support has been improved to keep customers current with security and IT protocols.

CXP 20 includes a modernization of self-service solutions by enabling voicebots on the platform. Gartner predicts  that “by 2023, 25 percent of employee interactions with applications will be via voice, up from under 3 percent in 2019. Although most chatbots and virtual assistants are still text-based, AI-enabled speech-to-text and text-to-speech hosted services are improving rapidly. As a result, deployment of voice-based solutions will grow.” With the rising number of quality voice devices and applications, Aspect has seized this trend, integrating the feature with LumenVox Transcription Services Version 17.0.650. Combined with Microsoft LUIS’ strength in natural language understanding AI and machine-learning, CXP 20 customers can build robust voicebots.

This release builds upon natural language understanding standards to improve the customers experience on any channel. Upon launch, CXP 20 features a new driver to support Google Speech Technologies on premise. Our innovative customers can now leverage Google with the help of our Prophecy media browser the Google STT (automatic speech recognition tool) and text-to-speech APIs. Later in 2021, Google Speech Technologies will also receive support in the cloud environment.

With CXP 20, customers can also take advantage of around-the-clock text support for social messaging channels. At the time of general availability, WhatsApp, the largest messaging app in the world, is fully supported in the cloud, with premise support to come later in 2021. Alongside WhatsApp, similar social messaging channels, Facebook Messenger and Viber will also receive support in the premise and cloud environments later in the year. mobile web apps (also known as disposable apps) are short-lived, custom built web applications allowing users to complete transactions securely through a personalized web portal just for them; can now be fully hosted on CXP.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for self-service and eCommerce has grown exponentially. McKinsey & Company reports that “The COVID-19 pandemic has moved almost all interactions online, often to self-service digital platforms. Everyone seems to be happier with the new arrangements. Some 70 percent of buyers say they prefer digital interactions; while businesses and sellers like the greater effectiveness.” Self-service is showing that it’s not just a fad to reduce contact center volumes; it’s becoming the preferred method of contact for many customers and the businesses they choose to interact with. Aspect CXP is well equipped to assist organizations adapt to these new challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about Aspect CXP 20 or view a demo, we’d love to talk!