The Benefits of Aspect Unified IP 7.4 SP1


In July 2019, Aspect announced Aspect® Unified IP® Infinity, a multi-year program designed to help our customers protect their investment, reduce infrastructure burden, and ensure ongoing security and compliance for Aspect Unified IP deployments.  

At that time, Aspect President and CEO, Patrick Dennis said, “The big news here is that Aspect will be supporting our customers who wish to continue using our Unified IP solution, on-prem, for years to come. We are extending the product roadmap and ensuring ongoing service and support into the future, to align with the needs of our key customers who are not yet ready to move their contact center system into the cloud.” 

One year later, we’re delivering on that promise for Aspect Unified IP customers. We remain committed to building upon and maintaining this essential platform, ensuring its position as the gold standard for outbound campaign management and compliance. 

Aspect Unified IP is the premier enterprise contact center solution for high volume, compliant customer outreach. Our enterprise software is used by millions of agents every year and supports billions of consumer interactions around the world. Aspect’s product portfolio powers the world’s top brands with our best-of-breed Unified IP solution across a multitude of business verticals.  

In our latest release, Unified IP 7.4 SP 1, we have not only refreshed the user interfaces for a more user-friendly experience but enhanced operational efficiency with updates to outbound compliance tools as well. In addition, third-party software support has been improved to keep customers current with security and IT protocols. 

Unified IP 7.4 SP 1 includes a modernization of Unified Director, Unified Message Viewer and Enterprise Monitor and provides a better user experience with an all-inclusive dashboard, and more intuitive notification system. Managers and administrators benefit from a consolidated design across a variety of functions with quicker access to configuration tools, real-time data and alerts. 

Aspect Unified IP is the only product with all the tools enterprise contact centers need to comply with national, regional, and local regulations. This release brings further outbound enhancements to improve dialer operational efficiency, allowing organizations to smooth out dialing records and reach more customers in a shorter period of time. Specific messages can now be played for each call attempt, creating more impactful customer experiences while improving efficiency by minimizing repeat interactions. Additional auditing and security enhancements also ensure compliance with relevant regulations. 

Our latest version also keeps our clients up to date with the latest third-party software support with Microsoft Windows Server 2019, email support with Microsoft Exchange 2019, along with enhanced support on the latest Internet browsers. 

With this release, customers can also take advantage of potential cost savings with Unified Media Server (UMS) 20 stereo recording capabilities, allowing customers to record directly to a stereo format. Customers can now eliminate the need to convert from mono to stereo, which can add up to big savings! 

In the face of a global recession, the importance of outbound dialing and collections will steadily rise across industries. Aspect offers the only comprehensive enterprise contact center solution that allows the world’s largest organizations to effectively conduct proactive outreach activities while maintaining compliance with complicated regional, local, and national regulatory requirements. Aspect Unified IP and Advanced List Management are well equipped to help organizations adapt to the new challenges. 


If you’d like to learn more about Unified IP 7.4 Service Pack 1 or request a demo, we’d love to talk!