Take a Targeted Approach to Speech Analytics Software


I recall holding my first iPhone in my hand 9 years ago. What an amazing feeling! It felt robust, sleek, and how about that browser? Surfing the web effortlessly while on the road was life changing. In the years since, the product has evolved, and with every new release we enjoy better versions of existing features as well as new features and capabilities that have convinced me to upgrade to the latest and greatest every single year… until last year.

I watched the annual Apple event as I always have, and then immediately after began my “research” phase by browsing the Apple website and reading the many reviews. I then held my iPhone in my hand, which was in perfect condition, and thought to myself – for the first time ever – “Would it be worth it to spend the money to purchase a new iPhone to gain what amounted to a handful of improved features and capabilities?”  I had an epiphany in that moment.  It was then that I realized that my perceived value of these added features was less than the price of the product. Perceived value is defined as “a customer’s opinion of a product’s value to him or her.” It may have little or nothing to do with the product’s market price but has everything to do with the product’s ability to satisfy his or her needs or requirements. As a software provider, ensuring that the perceived value of a product aligns with our customers’ requirements and expectations is crucial when deciding our pricing strategy.

speech analytics software perceived value chart

At Aspect, we’ve taken this a step further and are tailoring our product offerings to meet different levels of customer expectations to ensure that our customers always perceive the highest value at any price point. A great example of this approach is embodied in our speech analytics software offerings. In addition to the full featured speech and text analytics product – Aspect EQ Engagement Analytics – Aspect also offers Aspect EQ Speech Analytics, a more affordable and focused product that augments any quality management initiative.

Speech Analytics Available within the Quality Evaluations Page
Speech Analytics Available within the Quality Evaluations Page

Using Aspect EQ Speech Analytics, a quality management analyst is able to be very targeted in selecting the right calls to evaluate based not only on the traditional metadata available with a call but also on the content of the conversation itself. Applying this type of targeted approach allows an organization to align its quality program to exact business objectives and KPIs achieving greater value from the quality program. In addition to targeted word search, the business is able to track the trending of several categories to follow the health of the business, all within the Aspect web-based user interface you’ve come to know and love!

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