Taking the Workforce Management Cloud Market by Storm


Workforce management is the most fundamental and commonly used of the workforce optimization software components.  Historically it’s been an on-premises application, but the past few years have seen some lower functionality WFM solutions delivered from the public cloud.  Aspect is about to turn the workforce management industry on its ear with the release of Aspect Via™ Workforce Management™, the first in a series of upcoming Aspect WFO components operating in a true SaaS model using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  This new offering combines the complete, rich feature set of our market leading on-premises WFM solution with the attractive advantages of the cloud including rapid implementation time, easy scalability, low total cost of use, built-in disaster recovery and continuous delivery of best-in-class new features seamlessly provided to customers.

The availability of Aspect Via WFM marks a significant milestone as Aspect continues its transition to the cloud. It is the first stand-alone software component to follow the introduction of our Aspect Via™ Customer Engagement Center (CEC), which includes a full suite of cloud-based, native interaction management, self-service and workforce optimization, with unified administration and reporting.

New Aspect WFM Dashboard Screen Shot

Aspect Via WFM leverages the extreme scalability of the AWS cloud, supporting workforce implementations from as few as 100 to as many as 15,000 agent positions.  Compatible with virtually all major routing platforms and sporting Aspect Workforce Mobile smartphone software as a standard feature, Aspect Via WFM is the future of workforce management.  For a quick look, visit our webpage here.


Robert Moore