T-Mobile: No Bouncing, No Bad Bots, No BS


Yesterday at a media event in Charleston, South Carolina, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, revealed their next big move. My initial thought was what could possibly be a bigger move than offering free Netflix? Turns out, a full revamp of their customer service as well as a year free of Pandora (double win!).

At first glance, you might not think a revamp of customer service is that big of a deal – which is understandable. BUT, think about the last time you had to call your mobile carrier, did you deal with an outdated IVR, end up transferred about 100 times, and then finally get on the phone with someone who tells you “sorry, you must go into a store to do that,” because I sure did, and I was incredibly frustrated. So, maybe a revamp of customer service is BIG news.

While some contact centers do the absolute most to try and keep the customer away from the agent either on accident (a poorly designed IVR) or on purpose, T-Mobile plans on doing the exact opposite. They will be getting rid of their outdated IVRs and moving to a more modern approach where consumers can reach their dedicated support team by phone, text, or can submit a request to schedule a phone appointment.  They will have dedicated teams of 30-40 to service different areas who will know the customer history, the area of the customer, and be able to provide the best customer service possible – even if they call in the next day to continue the conversation or get disconnected. And, if you still want to have an automated option, that will be available to you too.

To me, it seems like they are really putting the customer experience first, considering what their customers desire, what their pain points are and updating their contact center to reflect that! It’s not always easy to change such an integral part of your business, but sometimes it is necessary to give you an edge against the competition.