How The General Meets the Needs of Their Customers Using Aspect CXP


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I’m sure you’ve heard the jingle for The General.  It’s boot camp-style cadence is pretty darn catchy.  But there’s actually more to it than that. The General offers auto insurance, catering to drivers with a history of moving violations or accidents, drivers who have not kept their insurance active and drivers who have less than perfect credit. True to their jingle, The General found the overwhelming majority of their customers prefer to interact with them via their website.

The General

The General recognized that customers want to manage tasks on their own — without talking to an agent — and saw an opportunity for additional self-service tools beyond the website. Giving customers a way to complete routine tasks like making a payment without an agent would lower their cost footprint and boost customer service satisfaction ratings. Because customers were already calling in to make payments with the help of an agent, The General decided Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service options would be a good starting point.

Our new case study shares why The General chose Aspect® CXP™ for a sophisticated and efficient IVR experience that meets the needs of their customers now and offers room to easily grow to additional channels in the future.

Read the case study here.