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How can a vendor say they’re expert in so many different verticals? Well, saying it is the easy part. How do we show that Aspect has spent countless hours learning an industry by working with customers who are in it day-to-day? By creating a showcase of demos containing a variety of customer interactions using the most modern channels, specific to each vertical, but leveraged by any other industry with meaningful tweaks.

Aspect’s Customer Experience Showcase currently has 24 demos across 10 different industries including Utilities, Retail, Hospitality and Government and what you’ll notice is that they truly are all about the customer experience as none demonstrate a particular product. Each demo takes advantage of the power of mobile devices and their ability for a customer to have a remarkable experience on it, as well as how one channel can be enhanced by another in a single interaction. For example: in many parts of the U.S., as well as in Europe a potential utilities customer can choose from a variety of vendors to provide energy services.

Our fictional company Monument Utilities makes an outbound call to a lead who completed a contact form on their website. While on that call, the agent asks if they can send a text with a link to their Service Contract to review while they’re talking (obtaining consent in real time), to immediately answer any questions and allow the customer to sign up for service while engaged. Having worked with a number of Utilities and Energy providers over the years, we understand that making it easy for customers to sign up is critical to their success, as well as the ability to send highly targeted outbound messages at the right time. Instead of emailing documentation as requested, Richard surprises and delights his potential customer with just in time information. Monument creates a “Disposable App” that generates a one-time use website where the documentation can be reviewed and the agreement securely signed, avoiding emails, faxes, scanning or visiting an office in person.

This demo is a framework for the types of interactions many companies see on a day to day basis. As we did with Lidl and their wine recommendation bot Margot, we rely on our customers as the experts in their industry; to provide the right language and realistic interaction flows, instead of trying to “know it all” and risk creating an inauthentic experience for the end user. And with that, we look to you, our customers and potential customers to request a demo that would show off an innovative use case for your industry. Don’t worry about it being so advanced or futuristic, that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

Leave a reply below or email me directly with your idea ( At the beginning of July, we’ll choose our favorite and contact you to learn more and begin developing the demo. Storm those brains!