Special Aspect Edition of SWPP On Target Newsletter


Aspect has been a leader in workforce management solutions for decades and continues to provide industry thought leadership in an era where demands on WFM systems are changing quickly. The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) recently published a special “AspSWPPect Edition” of their quarterly On Target newsletter, and it’s full of thought provoking information for workforce planning professionals. You’ll find the following feature articles:

  • Will You Be Able to Deliver a Great Customer Experience in 2020?
  • Agents of Change: Transforming the Workforce – and Customer – Experience
  • What is Your Contact Center’s Engagement Quotient (EQ)?
  • Taking Workforce Management to the Cloud
  • Dissolving the Brick and Mortar of Bank Branches
  • Managing Your Workforce in Real-Time
  • WFM in the Back Office

There’s also some great videos, case studies and infographics including the following:

  • Citizens Financial Group: A Case Study
  • 5 Workforce Optimization Innovations that will Change Your Contact Center
  • Reimagine the Customer Experience at ACE 2016
  • How You Can Become a Workforce Leader
  • Teletech Case Study on Aspect Workforce Management
  • A WFM User Interface Like You Have Never Seen Before

You can read the complete newsletter here.

Robert Moore