SMS: Engaging Patients and Empowering Caregivers


Dental professionals, like my dentist, recommend teeth cleaning every six months. I like to stay on top of it. I know that if I don’t schedule my next appointment while I’m there, I’ll likely forget to call or put off scheduling my next appointment. The next thing you know, it’s been more than a year, I have three cavities and end up spending more time than anyone wants to spend in the dentist’s chair. The problem with making an appointment that is six months away is that by the time the appointment rolls around, I have only a vague recollection of it. I may, or may not, have missed an appointment in the past – who am I fooling? SMS healthcare ebook

Much to my embarrassment, once I showed up the day after my scheduled appointment. The office staff was very gracious about it and scheduled a new appointment for me and mentioned that it happens all the time. That means on a regular-basis, the hygienist has an extended break, the dentist loses revenue and the patients’ teeth go extended periods of time without a proper cleaning. I know this issue isn’t unique to my dentist office or even to dentists. It seems to be an epidemic in healthcare.

A 2017 study by NCBI found patients who received SMS reminders were almost twice as likely to attend their appointment. That means more productivity for the clinical staff and more revenue for the practice. Considering that SMS is the go-to communication channel for consumers it only makes sense for anyone in healthcare to take advantage of this channel to communicate.

Download our new eBook, 5 SMS Solutions for Healthcare: New Ideas to Engage Patients & Empower Caregivers and learn why, as patients become more involved in managing their health, SMS is becoming their preferred channel for communication. Find out more about appointment reminders and four other solutions, plus additional stats and insights.

By the way, my dentist has started sending SMS reminders and, for the record, I haven’t missed an appointment since.

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