Small Help Desk, Big Challenges: Aspect Contact in Action


Mike Butts, Senior Marketing ManagerFrom a contact center manager’s perspective, less time spent on repetitive, day-to-day tasks leaves more time to devote to high-level, bigger picture planning and strategy for transforming the contact center into a high-value strategic asset. This is true whether an organization employs 10 agents or 1,000. Unfortunately, many smaller contact centers lack the resources, both in people and budget, to invest in a comprehensive customer contact system that alleviates much of the burden of routine contact center management and administration.

This was the situation facing one company’s global IT help desk. With just five help desk agents and a nine-person team of on-call desktop support personnel on staff, the help desk was responsible for keeping over 2,000 enterprise employees up and running.

 Management challenges stemmed from complicated reporting processes that required assistance from other IT groups any time they needed to customize and run business-critical reports. Additionally, the lack of real-time reporting meant they had no clear insight into agents’ workload, or the type and frequency of requests handled by each agent.

What the group needed was a simple, user-friendly solution for queuing, managing, tracking and reporting on requests from all areas of the enterprise. However, its small size made it impractical to consider a complex, cumbersome or expensive contact center platform.

Ultimately, the help desk chose Aspect Contact to close that gap.

Aspect Contact
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Given the fact that the enterprise had already deployed Microsoft Lync to its employees, the obvious solution involved capitalizing on the vast capabilities already available through Lync. Aspect Contact leverages Lync to channel a broad set of contact center and unified communications capabilities, such as:

  • Presence-based contact routing
  • Intuitive agent desktop functionality
  • Contact escalation
  • Conferencing
  • Screen sharing and remote agent desktop access

In addition, Lync’s centralized administration and real-time and historical reporting allows managers to isolate performance issues for immediate intervention, as well as streamline business workflows and service processes for quicker issue resolution. They can also grant tiered levels of access to agents based on skill level, as well as quickly install new employees to begin answering inquiries with minimal set-up.

Thanks to the implementation of an affordable, right-sized contact center solution, this organization’s help desk has seen overall increases in performance, efficiency, first-call resolution and client satisfaction resulting from a more consistent, multichannel experience.

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