How to Show your Customer Service Agents You’re Thankful for Them


The holiday season is all about giving and on this Thanksgiving Eve there’s no better time to show your customer service and contact center agents how grateful you are for them.  It is safe to say that customer service agents and contact center agents don’t always have the most glamorous jobs, especially around the holidays (what happened to holiday cheer?), so it is essential to make sure they know that you are thankful, grateful, and happy to have them on the team. But how?

Earlier this year, we surveyed a large group of agents to learn about the true agent experience. The results were eye-opening and covered a range of topics from job satisfaction to preferred communication styles. We identified a lot of great, actionable takeaways that can benefit companies especially when they are trying to show their appreciation for their agents this holiday season.

Give them the flexibility to have a work/life balance

81% of agents feel that getting in touch with their managers to communicate things such as schedule changes, time off, and sick days should be as easy as getting in touch with their friends; however, the majority of agents don’t feel their current company offers that. Agents prefer to use tools and features that they are familiar with such as mobile phones, SMS, texting, chat and apps and 2/3 of agents feel that if they have the tools they prefer, they will feel more satisfied, productive, and committed to work. If you’re truly looking for a way to show your agents you’re thankful for them, give them the flexibility to connect with the company in the ways that they want.

Trust them

Demonstrate your appreciation for your agents by giving them the gift of trust. Many agents can get stuck in a rut answering mundane questions, feeling as if they lack the responsibility and freedom to handle more complex issues. Agents want to feel as if they have the autonomy and responsibility to not only handle complex questions but also make decisions. By properly training your contact center agents and implementing new technology, like chatbots, you can hand off more tasking jobs to your contact center agents ensuring they remain engaged at work.

Challenge them

It’s no wonder that 69% of agents feel that there isn’t opportunity to grow at their current company, especially when they feel they lack responsibility and autonomy. But another key driver of this statistic may be that they don’t feel empowered to handle any questions beyond the mundane ones. No one wants to feel like they are stuck in a stagnant position and unfortunately, many agents describe feeling that way. However, the fix may be easy. 79% of agents feel if they are trusted to handle more complex questions then they will be able to improve their skills and 50% of millennials feel that they would be more committed and satisfied in their job.

Contact center and customer service agents are a key part of any business and it is important for them to know their value, make sure to take the time to show them your thanks.