Share and share alike: why user groups and collaboration work


For many organisations, speaking with competitors in your industry about their internal processes may seem counter-productive. Like any business, there are innumerable clever and strategic ways in which your department or company has been able to make cost savings, increase productivity and create operational efficiencies in time. Combining the expertise of your team with the latest technology innovations is what allows organisations to grow and protect future profitability.

Why on earth would you want to share these with anyone else?

For our customers, best practice exchange has been a solid pillar of our own Aspect customer care for many years. From our annual ACE events, where hundreds of customers come together to learn how to better leverage their technology investments, to our highly targeted, niche workshops designed to empower the actual user – we have found that knowledge-sharing is power.

In our regular Aspect UK Workforce Optimisation (WFO) User and Super User Forums, we create a safe and social space for our customers at user level to come together and ask each other all the things they never thought they could. While our consultants often spend more time with key decision makers, the knowledge and experience of the people actually using our technology is invaluable in developing products to further benefit customers and new innovations.

One of the most common outcomes of our WFO User and Super User Forums is that many people don’t realise the full capability of the WFO suite. This is quite common for larger customer engagement centres where specific teams deal with different areas of workforce management. Sometimes it takes collaboration for them to speak and share internally. In a world where Forecasting and Planning makes a better connection with Real-time and Intelligence, and Customer Experience rubs shoulders with HR and Agent Engagement experts, we can truly achieve innovation in WFO.

But it’s not just our WFO team that spends their time bringing together industry to create solutions, and recognising the power of collaboration! Our digital identity division has already paved the way for many banks and payment services providers to knowledge-share and liaise closely with mobile network operators to fight fraud as a unified force.

With the rise of the cloud making it ever easier to harness up and coming technologies and to battle challenges as well as increase competitiveness, there isn’t a better time to collaborate with peers and move your industry forward.

To understand more about how we can help you learn, collaborate and work together with other customers, contact your account manager.  For more information on our user groups visit our Be an Innovator page here.