Product Series: Self-Service with Aspect Via®


If you have been following Aspect for a while, it is no secret to you that we believe in customer self-service as an important pillar of any customer experience (CX) strategy today. Accordingly, self-service capabilities are also a cornerstone of Aspect Via, our Customer Engagement Platform. Whether it comes in the form of speech-based self-service, SMS chatbots, or the ability to continue automated engagement after the caller has already been put into the agent queue, Aspect Via has it all.

Leveraging our Web-based, drag-and-drop Via CX Designer Tool, our customers can configure both the automated dialog interaction at the beginning of the call and the routing logic for a complex contact center configuration supporting hundreds if not thousands of agents, to lower Average Handling Time (AHT) and to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) — all in one tool, which reduces training efforts and speeds up time-to-market. And you can use Aspect Via’s Continuity Server with its Context Cookies to drive and track the customer journey across different engagement channels and across self- and live service, giving consumers the consistency and continuity, they expect from a modern CX.

To introduce you to the customer self-service chops of Aspect Via, we will be publishing a series of blog posts starting today. Every Monday for the next four weeks we will be posting a new blog covering one of the following topics:

  • Aspect InQueue
  • Secure IVR
  • Context Continuity from Web to Voice
  • Advanced Speech Recognition