Seek Out These 11 Advantages in a Cloud Contact Center


11 key advantagesIf you’re considering a Cloud-based contact center solution, you probably already realize that not every Cloud was created equal. In fact, when you look past all the promises, some solutions turn out to be much more “fluff” than substance – and that’s no way to power your enterprise’s customer experience.

We’d like to invite you to consider 11 key advantages that Aspect’s Zipwire has over the competition,  which includes how our history of contact center innovation has come together with fresh and innovative strategies that create a consistent customer experience on voice, mobile, web and social channels, all delivered over our patented Cloud architecture.

From ease of acquisition and deployment to the flexibility to burst and scale your contact center along with your business needs, we’ve made it easy to implement an omni-channel solution that creates cost efficiencies, reduces customer frustration, and gets you closer to the goal of first-contact resolution. The true benefit comes through easy integration of self-service channels, proactive outbound notifications, surveys, Cloud-based workforce management, advanced list management and the ability to integrate one-click contact center access into your mobile applications.

In our new white paper, Zipwire Cloud Contact Center Solution: 11 Key Advantages, learn more about our reliable, secure Cloud architecture and how each of these benefits can bring you closer to understanding the customer journey and aligning your contact center activity with customer needs.

Give it a read, and let us know what you think!

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