Scheduling for the Modern Contact Center: The Secret is WFM


There is something utterly satisfying about a schedule. Schedules for our daily lives make us more efficient, help us prioritize, help us become more proficient and most importantly, saves us time, our most valuable resource.  In the world of workforce management, those same benefits hold true.  The proper WFM tools can help improve functionality and drive overall profitability.

It was recently reported by BuzzStream that over 25% of Millennials use a mobile phone as their primary source for content.  It goes beyond the usual suspects of Instagram and Twitter, they’re getting their news, playing games and getting appointment reminders – it only makes sense that connecting Millennial agents, and agents of all ages for that matter, via their mobile devices can help engage them in their work.

Keeping agents abreast of their schedule is easy with a tool like Aspect® Workforce Management™ (WFM). Agents can easily view and manage schedules for anywhere using a dedicated mobile app or even a touch-tone IVR.  Additionally, managers can send important notifications through email, SMS and mobile push notifications.

Aspect WFM is the only solution that allows contact center managers to seamlessly access every tool from one easy to use dashboard.  Talk about putting managers in the driver’s seat!  Managers can forecast staffing across all channels.  The direct benefit is the ability to schedule the right people with the right skills at the right time, quickly and easily while accommodating agents personal schedule preferences and needs including days and hours per week, shift length, start and end times, workday patterns as well as lunch and break preferences.  Keeping everyone on the schedule they prefer while also meeting the scheduling needs of the contact center.  That sounds like a win/win, if I’ve ever heard one.

Aspect WFM allows managers to balance all the needs of their business, agents and customers with a single award-winning call center workforce management software solution. capabilities and our flexible deployment options, —on-premise or in the cloud — making it possible to achieve both high-quality customer and agent experiences and remarkable cost efficiencies.

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