Say it Again, Sam! Recorded Greetings Set the Right Tone Every Time


“Use your words!” Isn’t that what parents tell their little ones when they are having a hard time making themselves heard or understood?

Contact center agents are asked to “use their words” all day long, and their words have to accomplish many goals. First and foremost, the agent needs to have the verbal skills and vocabulary to answer the customer’s inquiry or make the sale. They also need to be able to convey a positive and friendly personality using only the tone of their voice. In addition, they need to speak professionally, use correct grammar and leave the customer with a good feeling about the company.  That is a lot to accomplish in a call that typically lasts around three minutes!

Aspect’s Unified IP Personal Greeting feature takes some of the pressure off your agents by guaranteeing that the initial greeting is “spot on.” This allows an agent to record the perfect greeting that will play at the beginning of every call, saving them from having to repeat themselves and risk that perfect greeting coming stale and tired as the day wears on.  Both the agent as well as the caller hears the greeting as it’s played at the beginning of the call. An agent can have up to six Personal Greetings for different call type, language or even time of day. The Personal Greeting feature ensures that the correct greeting is always used and that the customer always hears a greeting that is appropriate and of excellent quality.

Agents love this feature, and why wouldn’t they? Personal Greetings are easy to set up, and agents can record them directly from Unified Agent Desktop. Aspect’s Personal Greetings allow an agent to use their words and save their voice all at the same time.