We’re in the running for three cloud awards!



We’re in a celebratory mood over at Aspect Europe HQ, as the hard work from our dedicated teams over the last few months has been recognised by being shortlisted for not one, not two, but three UK Cloud Awards!

This year’s ceremony is reported to be the most hotly-contested so far since the award scheme’s first one in 2014. Aspect has previously been shortlisted for the awards in various categories for our technological innovations (as we have again this year, with Aspect Verify up for Security Solution of the Year), but this year we are particularly showcasing the outcomes of an intensive 12 months working with some of the world’s biggest brands on transforming their customer engagement.

Aspect has been shortlisted twice for the Best Private Sector Project (Enterprise) category, for our successful work with video games publisher Ubisoft, and supermarket chain Lidl. This category in particular aims to recognise some of the UK’s most successful and disruptive digital transformation projects over the last 12 months. Our continuing focus on transforming our clients’ customer service strategies, harnessing the power of cloud to deliver innovations in automated self-service and true omni-channel interaction, has secured our position firmly among the most successful projects in the country.

The interesting thing about Ubisoft and Lidl is the contrast between the two projects but how both have an ultimate objective to change the way their brands interact with their customers. Both have nuanced challenges specific to their industry as well as their organisations. Ubisoft, challenged with a rapidly-expanding industry and business, has seen the video game market change from one with physical products, to one that relies heavily on the cloud and streaming technology, and an extremely engaged community. In this instance, Aspect delivered Aspect® Via™ WFM for the client, able to flex up and down with the company’s release schedule, with accurate forecasting and scheduling of the workforce.

With 690 stores nationwide, Lidl (already a known force in the UK for its effective digital customer service) enlisted Aspect to deliver the world’s first digital sommelier, or ‘winebot’, called Margot. Leveraging Aspect’s chatbot design, which incorporates Natural Language Processing, Lidl rolled out the AI-driven, Facebook Messenger chat service in late January 2018, to help Lidl UK customers make more informed wine purchasing decisions. This innovative technology has already made a real improvement to Lidl customers’ experience, and added a touch of fun to one of the country’s fastest-growing brands. Because Lidl saw value in Aspect’s ‘cloud clout’ to be able to bring such projects to market in such a short space of time (this project was 12 weeks from idea to consumer rollout), the two companies successfully collaborated and will now continue the partnership to improve and innovate around other areas of Lidl’s customer engagement strategy.

The winners of the UK Cloud Awards will be announced at an awards ceremony on 16th May in London. Click here to read the full shortlist for all categories. We’re very excited to see what happens on the night and – good luck to both Lidl and Ubisoft!