Rethinking CRM Customer Service Fundamentals for a New Age


In Gartner’s report, Rethinking CRM Customer Service for a New Age, analyst Michael Maoz shares his insights into why customer service must be framed as an enterprise pursuit, not simply the purview of one department or operational group. The goal is simple: deliver exceptional customer service – each and every time, across each and every department.

Gartner CRM Paper

This is where the Customer Engagement Center (CEC) can make all the difference. The philosophy behind the CEC is that customer service must extend beyond the confines of the traditional contact center, consummately connecting the entire enterprise internally – and, ultimately, with its customers. The CEC helps organizations break down the walls between people, processes, systems and data sources. Internal productivity skyrockets with common, intuitive user interfaces and native integrations that make workflows seamless.


Companies must measure up to consumer expectations for convenient, personalized, uninterrupted self- or agent-assisted service. Make sure your entire company is on board in meeting that challenge. It’s the only way to really differentiate your organization from the competition – and grow a loyal and profitable customer base.


Please enjoy the Gartner report with our compliments. And, if you’d like to learn more about how Aspect can help rally your organization around the customer experience, stay tuned for more information about the launch of Aspect Via, the complete customer engagement center in the cloud, in late Q3, 2016.