Quality Management Kick Start: How to be Consistent in Scoring


So far in this blog series we discussed evaluation sampling, how to evaluate, and what to evaluate. I am going to make a bold, but very accurate, statement. If you do not have processes in place to measure your consistency, the who, what, and how mean nothing. Inconsistent QA holds no value and is just an expense to the business. Quality Management Scoring

So how do you create a structure to build consistency? Start with a scoring guide. This will ensure that everyone on your evaluation team is aligned, and create an atmosphere of fairness for the quality management process. Assemble a cross-functional team to create the Guide that documents clearly what makes “good” good and what makes “bad” bad. It would include specific descriptors, causes, and behaviors, as well as many examples, so that any reader can understand what your contact center is trying to achieve. Set aside training time for agents and management to fully understand the Scoring Guide. This will provide clear expectations to agents around performance, and also provide the quality team and management clear references for agent evaluation.

The next step, calibrate. Calibration is an effective way to keep your quality management, operations, and coaching teams fully aligned. A well-structured calibration process can help take some of the subjectivity out of the inherently subjective nature of evaluations. Calibration sessions should be held a minimum of once every two weeks, but once per week will give you much better results. Include all of your evaluators, supervisors, coaches and even customers (ie: BPOs) in the session and rotate in a sub-set of agents to better engage agents and get buy-in. Have the participants individually score selected calls and submit these scores in advance. Then as a group, listen to the calls and discuss the divergence of scores in this open forum. Use the Scoring Guide as the ultimate arbiter of disputes, and if the Scoring Guide is found lacking, update it accordingly. This process should make clear to all how the calls should be scored and also provide direction for delivering feedback.

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