QM Kick Start: What do I evaluate?


In my past blog, I gave some best practices on creating an evaluation process. Now it’s time to measure success. So what should I evaluate? Evaluation_Quality Management

The form used by evaluators is critically important to ensuring a successful quality management process. Each evaluation form should include shared evaluation questions that are used in all of your evaluation forms as well as questions that are tailored to specific call types. Shared evaluation questions might include core KPIs and behaviors, compliance procedures and behaviors, active listening skills and soft skills. These shared questions help with the analysis of overall quality management and progress being made, and should correlate to the company business strategy and expectations. Tailored questions might include more granular measures for specific channels, product or vertical market customizations as well as specific behaviors expected in certain communication channels.

The one thing to remember as you are working through core versus tailored, be sure to measure behaviors rather than attitudes. Attitudes are dispositions, feelings or positions toward a person or thing and are typically hard to quantify. Behaviors are observable responses to external or internal stimuli and are less subjective. Measuring behaviors will bring you closer to addressing the root cause of the opportunity for improvement. It will drive more comprehensive coaching discussions and allow agents to quickly make changes to improve experience.

Next on to best practices to remain consistent in scoring…

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