Put Me in Coach: Why Agent Training is Crucial in Your Contact Center


Love him or hate him, few football fans will contest the savvy of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belicheck. While he has benefited with arguably the greatest quarterback to play the game in Tom Brady manning the helm of his offense for the last 15 years, the team has won an astounding five Super Bowls during that span—a feat no other team has yet to achieve.

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Interestingly enough, outside of Brady, there have been very few players in the modern era to stick with the team for the duration of their career. Clearly, the franchise is more than the sum of its parts and, ultimately, the team’s success must in some part be credited to the structure, discipline, and routine that comes from Belicheck’s coaching.

But what does this mean for leaders from the contact center space?

When it comes to investing in your contact center, you cannot afford to forget about agent training. Because the customer service industry has such a notorious reputation for turnover, you’ll only be able to provide consistent messaging and reliable support to your customers if all the agents that pass through your doors receive the same ongoing training.

Of course, it isn’t enough to simply incorporate agent coaching and assume your employees will improve on their own. Rather, you’ve got to select the right solutions that will keep employees engaged and driven to succeed.

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