Providing a Healthy Solution to Back Office Challenges


In the healthcare industry, the needs of the patient are always the priority. Whether it’s giving clients information about a flu shot or alerting pharmacy retailers about outages, every interaction between the healthcare provider and its patients is important to maintaining health and well-being. These interactions often take place in person at a store or clinic, but they can also occur in the contact center thanks to a patient’s ability to contact a medical adviser via social media, email, text, SMS, and phone. With the increase in people reaching out to a contact center for medical-related information, it’s now more important than ever to make sure each patient’s experience is positive and provides the information they need.


For health retailer CVS/pharmacy, having a contact center that can meet the needs of their many clients is a must. With the successful launch of their new walk-in medical center, MinuteClinic , and their expanded service offerings, the number of customers reaching out to CVS/pharmacy’s contact center was increasing by over 30% each year. While the company’s Unified IP system could handle the additional call volume, managers and supervisors were lacking the ability to evaluate agent performance due to lack of visibility and wanted to generate digital reports instead of the manual ones they were currently using. In addition, strict, ever-changing legislation for outbound communications made it increasing difficult to ensure every call was legally made.

Having worked with Aspect during the installation of their Unified IP solution, CVS/pharmacy turned to the same company to assist them with finding a workforce optimization solution that could meet their diverse contact center needs. They wanted a system that could integrate with their Unified IP platform, allow insight into team and agent performance, assist with quality monitoring, and help them comply with outgoing call regulations. Aspect’s Workforce Optimization applications offered CVS/pharmacy a compact, easy-to-use solution which included around-the-clock support services and geographically-deployed field engineers, making it the best answer for CVS/pharmacy’s issues.

Since the deployment of their Aspect workforce optimization solution, CVS/pharmacy has noticed a remarkable improvement in their contact center operations. Their average handle time, average call work, abandonment rate, and average speed of answer have all improved by over thirty percent. Glen Thies, Director, Central Pharmacy Services at CVS/pharmacy, was particularly impressed by the solution’s ability to create complex outbound campaigns while staying in compliance with governmental regulations. In addition, he notes that, “Last quarter alone, [CVS/pharmacy] did over 6 million outbound calls compared to last year, when we averaged just 1-2 million calls.” These calls included automated blaster and live calls to customers about refill reminders and to stores about drug/product recalls.

By making the back office process easier for agents and contact center supervisors, customers can receive the great health-related services they expect and rely on. Outbound calls can be made based on customer time zones, prescription and medical questions can be answered in a timely manner, and supervisors can help improve both agent performance and the customer experience. Thanks to Aspect’s Workforce Optimization package, CVS/pharmacy can focus on caring for their customers instead of worrying about developing manual reports and tracking their agents’ performance results.

Read the full case study to learn more about the results CVS/pharmacy achieved with Aspect.

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