Optimizing Your Back Office Performance


While often unseen by customers, the back office plays a crucial role in your business operations. The phrase “back office” originated from the placement of people who are fulfilling administrative tasks – way in the back, sight unseen. However, in today’s society where the customer controls the conversation and many issues are directly impacted by what happens in the back office, the traditional back office setup cannot be business as usual.

Without the confidence that your back office can execute your mission, your front office is making promises that you can’t fulfill. And that can cost you.

Forrester Research found that 17% of customer loyalty is directly related to back office efficiency. And that’s not a surprise to us. After all, when a customer interacts with a company, he or she doesn’t know which department, team or individual is working on fulfilling their request – be it a claim they submitted for an accident, a prescription they need filled for their child, or a mortgage application for their first house.

When the customer tweets about their experience with their product or service provider, they think about it holistically. And with simple interactions being handled through self-service, the complex interactions involving the back office are the ones the customer is most likely to remember.

To provide a united front – front to back – consider Aspect’s Advanced Back Office Optimization solution.

Last February, we announced our partnership with eg solutions, plc. Our collaboration has resulted in a new solution for the back office which includes our market-leading workforce and performance management products as well as a new product, Advanced Back Office Optimizer, which delivers an important and often overlooked capability. Advanced Back Office Optimizer (powered by eg) provides what is the missing link for effective back office optimization. Specifically, that ability to manage the work – individual tasks, related tasks, tasks that are being performed through multiple channels and using multiple systems – in real time. This real time work management makes sure you can define your back office goals – completion rate, quality, throughput, work queue, backlog – and more and be confident that you can reach (or exceed) your objectives. With full visibility into task status, your resource availability and skill, and the ability to allocate and re-allocate people and tasks on the fly – you are assured that the back office is fulfilling those promises you have made. This product works with virtually any workflow system already in place and, for those who are using a combination of product and manual effort for back office tasks, provides a one-stop shop where managers have visibility into the total tasks that back office resources are performing.

While Back Office Optimizer provides much needed task and quality management functionality, Aspect’s Workforce Management and Performance Management solutions provide forecasting, planning and people management as well as the enterprise insight needed to make the back office the engine of customer experience.

Aspect believes that to master back office challenges, organizations need to consider three pillars:

  • People – Workforce Planning and Forecasting allows you to forecast accurately and schedule your staff based on realistic scenarios with the flexibility to adjust in real time based on changing business conditions;
  • Process – Real-Time Work Management that optimizes how work is allocated and flows through the systems with real-time control over service level and achievement; and
  • Insight – Reporting and Analytics that contains pre-built views into back office efficiency and effectiveness with data available to enterprise systems and workflows that take advantage of new insight.

Start seeing best-in-class results and learn more about Aspect’s Advanced Back Office Optimization suite.

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