Optimized Training Takes Place One Employee at a Time


Consider this situation: A new employee comes to you with questions about your company’s workforce optimization (WFO) technology. You’re able to access some back-links with relevant information for the employee’s questions and schedule her for the next training session.

It will do for right now, but it also means that you’ll have to figure out how to cover the employee’s hours while she attends training, let alone find money in the budget to pay for the training and travel expenses. While you’ve helped out the employee, it’s added a whole lot more to your own plate.

Training employees doesn’t have to become a headache; it can be an integrated part of your business.

Think about this situation instead. Rather than taking the time to speak with management, the employee logs onto Aspect’s Active Learning Portal and accesses a virtual classroom training session with information specific to her question. She takes a few minutes to review the content and then keeps the window open for reference while working in the WFO system. Eventually, she gets that issue figured out and spends a little more time in the course to review features that she wasn’t sure how to use.

For management, there are no concerns about travel or productivity costs or undertrained employees. Even better, the costs associated with Aspect’s training are lower than those charged with the traditional model and based on a subscription system that grows and adapts with your business needs, with no additional out-of-pocket expenses after the initial subscription service.

With optimized anytime, anywhere access to training, Aspect’s Active Learning Portal provides modern businesses the flexibility and value they need.

At Aspect, we want our customers to use our products successfully and efficiently, through all levels of their organization. Find out more about the key benefits of our Active Learning Portal subscription model and consider taking the next step to remove the headache from your company’s own training program.