Olympic-Sized Tips for Gold Medal Customer Service


With the 2018 Winter Olympics now underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the world watches in collective amazement to see the world’s best athletes come together to celebrate the time-honored athletic tradition.

And while your skating skills might not necessarily translate to success within the contact center, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of teachable moments at the games this year. Here are a few Olympic-themed tips to ensure that your company always takes the gold when it comes to customer service.

Don’t waste opportunities for diplomacy

One of the most alluring storylines of this year’s Olympic Games has nothing to do with the athletes themselves, but rather the politicians working on diplomatic ties behind the scenes. North Korea and South Korea stunned the world in a display of solidarity by marching at the Opening Ceremony together. Solving geopolitical crises may be out of your wheelhouse, but from a customer service perspective, think about it this way: no matter how bad your history or reputation may be with a customer, never miss an opportunity to reach out a hand and build a bridge.

Years of practice for moments of excellence

The Olympians of the Pyeongchang Games have, in most cases, been training in skates, skis or snowboards since the time they just learned to walk. And in many more cases, athletes will have just one year at the Olympics to reach their goal before a new crop of athletes takes over. If you want your team to excel, you need take an Olympian’s mindset to coaching, training and eLearning—and remember that only after years of practice will you be ready for the big moment.

Anyone can rise to the occasion

Who would’ve thought that a 17-year old kid from Colorado would stay up too late watching Netflix, oversleep and then lose his ski jacket all before winning the United States’ first gold medal of 2018? You’ve got to remember that anyone on your team can come up big in a dire moment, so it’s important to invest your resources and energy into making sure all your agents take a vested interest in the results you’re looking for.

Your team must move as one

Watch a pair of figure skaters and it doesn’t look like they’re doing two different routines side-by-side. It looks like they’re working in unison, skating one single routine. And that’s what happens when your whole team works together: something graceful that is more than the sum of its parts.

Fortunately, you don’t need to train for decades to be a contact center Olympian. You don’t need to drink raw eggs for breakfast, and you certainly don’t have to lift any weights. All you need to do is start integrating innovative contact center software that will give you the tools you need for long-term success. To go for the Gold, click here.