NLU Lab – The Place for Natural Language Exploration


When an emerging technology such as chatbots on messaging apps meets the expertise of professionals from various industry backgrounds that the new technology draws from, great things happen. Over the last few years, we at Aspect have both watched the emerging trend carefully and actively contributed to it, by building prototypes, deploying new systems, and openly sharing our insight along the way. We want to take this to a new level with the launch of the NLU Lab – a place to learn about chatbots and pertinent technologies such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and to stay on top of industry news and latest insight.

Visit to meet some of our experts, get answers to frequently asked questions that we gathered from 100+ customer meetings over the past year or so, get started with chatbot design templates and guidelines, or browse our catalog of use cases for a variety of industries. There should be content for everyone, from the beginner that wants to understand what the craze is all about, to the developer that needs design guidance, to the business professional that is ready to engage in a project and build a first bot. And keep coming back – we will keep updating the page with new content.

We are trying to be as transparent and open as possible – where we don’t feel comfortable sharing content publicly, we invite you to reach out to us and engage. We would love to share our expertise, but also learn from you how to best put this technology to good use. Talk to you soon!


Tobias Goebel

Tobias is Director of Emerging Technologies at Aspect. He has over 14 years of experience in customer care technology and the contact center industry with roles spanning engineering, consulting, pre-sales engineering, program and product management, and product marketing. As part of Aspect's product management and marketing team today, he works on defining the future of the mobile customer experience, bringing together channels such as mobile apps, messaging, voice, and social. He is a frequent speaker and blogger on topics around customer service and, more recently, the (re-)emerging chatbot, NLP, and AI technologies. Tobias holds degrees in Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, and Computer Science from the universities of Bonn, Germany and Edinburgh, UK.