New Ways to Customer Acquisition and Retention in the Contact Centre


With choice comes demand. Consumers in many industries now change vendors more quickly than in the past, which makes a great customer experience more important than ever. New ways for attracting and retaining customers need to be explored, and most of that effort can and should sit in the contact centre, where customers increasingly contact you to inform you that they’re planning on taking their business elsewhere.

A large German utility conducted a project with Aspect and a system integrator, that focused on both of these challenges: customer acquisition and retention. It makes use of “dynamic channel blending” that lets an agent utilise digital channels on the customer’s smartphone during a conversation. The additional complexity the business faced was that to acquire a new utility customer over the phone, an entire contract needs to be read and signed, which is traditionally a task conducted on paper – not the most efficient way to generate revenue in these days of immediate gratification. This process had to be easy and fast, which of course screams for a digital solution that allows signature right on the phone.



Using Aspect CXP™, our omni-channel self-service platform, a solution was developed that allows an agent to trigger the sending of an SMS text message while they have the caller on the phone. Modern mobile telecommunication providers now allow the simultaneous use of the voice, text, and data channel. The text message contains a short URL to what we call a disposable app: a “just-in-time” mobile web app that doesn’t require prior download from the app store, but provides the same level of convenience and rich media to get things done.

In this case, the app allows the customer to fill in a contract, with many values typically pre-filled through an integration with an SAP system in case a previous business relationship already existed with the customer, and even sign using a digital signature mechanism. The disposable app was built on Aspect CXP, the same platform that allows the creation of Interactive Voice Response systems or 2-way SMS chatbots.

All documents that need a signature are being automatically generated by the system, and the entire process can be completed on the same device the customer called in on. This approach saves time, effort, and allows generating revenue right on the spot.

The solution is currently in a production pilot phase and a further rollout is being planned.

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