New Customer Satisfaction High for Luxury Hotel


Customer service in the hospitality industry is no simple task for any company but luxury brands have to reach the highest of bars and sometimes even go to extreme measures to satisfy guests. The Edwardian Group, a collection of luxury hotels, seeks to be memory-makers for their guests. The company recognized that the customer experience does not start at check-in but rather when the customer first contacts the company, whether that is to make a reservation or inquire about the hotel. With this in mind, the Edwardian Group knew they needed new customer service technology and selected Aspect Software to help redevelop their customer contact infrastructure. The company selected Aspect because Aspect’s attitude of “yes, I can!” matches the Edwardian Group’s own approach to their customers. Watch this short clip to see how the Edwardian Group reached a new customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction highs by partnering with Aspect to deliver cutting-edge omni-channel technology including:

  • 30% improvement in guests’ satisfaction levels with service levels obtained from guest surveys now rated at 87.5%
  • 45% increase in interactions per week after introducing omni-channel
  • 18% increase in inbound call conversion, which now stands at 39.8%
  • 40% decrease in employee turnover since implementing Aspect’s technology due to higher employee engagement
  • Employee satisfaction ratings – garnered from regular surveys – have improved from 3.5 out of 5, to 4.09