New Augmented Chat Solution Adds Rich Media to Customer Interactions


Aspect MobilityThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s as true for customer service as it is anything else in life. There are so many instances these days where you might find yourself wishing you could just point your phone at a device and show a customer service rep what you’re talking about rather than having to explain it in words. For me, this happened most recently as I was trying to describe a series of flashing lights on a router to our Internet technical support. But this kind of visual information-sharing has the capability to enhance what we call “mobile moments” – the micro-level customer experiences that streamline the process of getting customers to a resolution – in any industry, allowing customers to seamlessly complete more complex interactions with your agents.

Most customers, especially those on a mobile device, have already made an attempt at self-service before they pose their question to a live agent. They might have gone through a technical document and found that the instructions don’t apply to their specific case, or they might need an expert opinion to identify or assess an item. To best serve customers who need to continue their dialogue with a live agent, we’ve introduced Aspect Augmented Chat. 

With Aspect Augmented Chat, Aspect first connects the customer to a live agent via voice or text chat, using the context of their inquiry to route them to the appropriate agent. Then, both the customer and agent have the capability to enhance their interaction with rich media, like photos, documents, or peer-to-peer video interaction.

For an example of how Aspect Augmented Chat looks in practice for both the customer and an agent, take a look at the following exchange:


Aspect Augmented Chat


Our customer has recently added a fabulous original photo, “Cat on a Hot Air Balloon,” to his art collection. After making the purchase, he wants to notify his insurance company of the addition to his collection to ensure he is properly covered. He visits ABC Insurance’s mobile app to make the addition, but it’s ABC’s policy to inspect all artwork and jewelry to ensure its original condition is good before it’s added to a customer’s insurance rider. With one click, he can engage with a live agent, who immediately receives the context of Mike’s inquiry. Mike and the agent start their conversation via text chat, then engage via video so that she can verify his artwork is in insurable condition.

Aspect Augmented Chat is designed to complement your existing mobile solutions, and integrates with Aspect Unified IP and Zipwire contact center environments, making it available both in the cloud and on-premise. The solution makes it easy to empower your agents to respond to complex inquiries, deliver a seamless customer journey from self-service to agent assistance, and improve cost efficiencies via reduced 800 calls, increased first-contact resolution, decreased duration of agent interactions and expedited business documentation processes.

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