Customer Service Heaven Is Just a Virtual Personal Assistant Away


Customer needs and desires do not always overlap with business objectives: for example, cutting costs as a corporate goal does not benefit the consumer directly.

As for customer service in the past, cutting costs often meant the introduction of automation in the form of Interactive Voice …

4 Trends for an Exceptional Customer Experience in 2017


2016 has been unforgettable and a banner year for some. It was the year Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar after six nominations. The year that astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned to earth after a record-setting 340 days in space. And, after 108 …

No Service Is The New Service: Bots, VRM and Delegating To Myself


I make jokes regularly in the office about how I’m going to use Aspect’s interactive text response and natural language understanding platform to build an AlyxBot that will attend meetings for me and report back. (If any of my coworkers are reading this and feel …

Conversational Commerce Is Here: What Is Your Business Saying?


Many industry experts have deemed 2016 as the year of conversational commerce (ConvComm), a term first used in early 2015 by Uber’s Chris Messina, which speaks to the intersection of business and social messaging applications like the popular and ubiquitous Facebook Messenger. 

Messaging applications have now …