Looking Back on Customer Service Week 2017


It’s no secret that unhappy customers are much more likely to spread their poor customer service story than a happy customer. And why not? According to Sprout Social, 55 percent of consumers of consumers call out brands on social to get a resolution or response. Public complaints like these can likely leave customer service reps who provide great service feeling underappreciated and lacking recognition.
This is the very reason why the first week of October, which has been dubbed as Customer Service Week, is so important. Celebrating and recognizing the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support on a daily basis, is something that is often overlooked but very much needed. We wanted to look back on the past few weeks and call out some of our favorite showings of customer service recognition to close out

Customer Service Week. So, without further ado here are a few of our favorite customer service recognitions!

First up, Alaska Air:

Shout out to Nancy at the gate for her outstanding customer service! When so many negative articles and tweets are going out specifically about airline customer service, it’s great to recognize those who go above and beyond! The world needs more Nancy’s.

Continuing with the airline trend, next is Delta. Missing a flight is never fun, it can heighten stress and cause customers to become a bit shaky. But not when you’re flying Delta.

Calming an already stressed passenger and treating them so well they go on to tweet about it, is quite a feat! Hats off to Delta and their customer service team.

Retail is another industry that can catch a bit of heat now and again for their customer service. Dealing with returns or calling to check the status of an order aren’t tasks the everyday consumer looks forward to, but when the voice on the other end of your call is kind and helpful it’s not half bad!

Nice work H&M, especially Lacole in customer service, for treating your customers so well that they give you the ultimate seal of approval, thanking you with a gif!

In my opinion, one of the ultimate compliments you can receive when you work in customer service is that you made an experience fun, and Victoria’s Secret you’ve managed to do it so well that your happy customer wanted to publicly rave about it!

Amazing work!

Some people consider their pets their children, which means that they likely expect the same quality customer service that they would want for themselves. And that’s exactly what Chewy offers. If a dog or cat lover is willing to give your customer service two paws up, you’re doing something right!

Great job Chewy, you’ve made lots of pets happy and their pawrents extremely satisfied!