Living in an Omni-Channel World


Most mornings, I get up before the sun, yet I’m not convinced I’m a “morning person.” I bake time into the early morning hours to enjoy a strong cup of coffee, watch the local news and catch up on my Words with Friends games.  I’m an avid player and usually have multiple games waiting for me when I wake up.

Last week, I was in the middle of a game with a friend.  After a triple letter, triple word, high-scoring move, I sent her a message in the app to congratulate her on the score-crushing play.  After I sent the message, it occurred to me how “omni-channel” we were. Within a 72-hour period, the same friend and I had communicated via voice, email, SMS, instant message, Facebook Messenger and Words with Friends chat.

Omni-channel communication is everywhere

Our conversation was seamless and flowed naturally from one channel to another. These kind of conversations should be the goal for any customer service organization. When I think of my recent customer service experiences, seamless interactions would be a welcome change.

Multi-channel customer service checks the box for offering options that go beyond voice; however data and information is generally siloed, meaning if I move from self-service to live service, I’m forced to repeat information I’ve already entered and explain what I’m trying to accomplish. An omni-channel experience would allow me to seamlessly continue receiving assistance when I cross channels, including providing context to live agents.

Check out this interactive demo to see a true omni-channel experience.

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