Customer Lidl UK wins Best Consumer Chatbot at the 2018 CogX awards!


We’re thrilled to announce that earlier this week, customer Lidl UK won the esteemed prize of Best Consumer Chatbot at the CogX 2018 Awards. The awards, which celebrate the year’s most innovative and influential contributors to artificial intelligence (AI) awarded Margot the winebot as the winner in its category.

Cognition X’ “Festival of All Things AI”, sponsored by Softbank and Financial Times, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe with over 300 speakers and more than 6000 attendees this year.

We initially partnered with Lidl – the UK’s fastest growing retailer – back in January to deliver a fully automated, AI-powered, Facebook Messenger chatbot. The idea was to create a virtual wine consultant that would help customers easily select the best wine for their meal or moment, building on Lidl’s reputation for supplying great wines at reasonable prices and improving its customer experience. From this, Margot was born.

Margot is powered by Aspect® CXP™ and deployed on Facebook Messenger with a light-hearted and informal persona; a true wine enthusiast but not snooty, loves food and good company. Margot provides a truly conversational experience for customers, answering questions such as “which red wines from Chile under £6 do you sell”, “what goes well with grilled salmon”, or “what makes a wine sweet.” It also has additional features, such as an interactive wine quiz to encourage further brand engagement and to interact with customers in a fun, intuitive, and light-hearted manner.

It’s great to see our technologies making a real difference to the customer experience and to see this project receiving the recognition it deserves. Chatbots and automation generally are becoming increasingly popular in customer service and Lidl’s winebot is a great example of what can be achieved through modern technologies in the customer service environment.

A lot of hard work went into developing and implementing the chatbot from both Lidl and us and our partners, working collaboratively, and we’re delighted at this recognition!

Curious how Margot “works” and what she is capable of? Have a look here.