Leverage Outbound Contacts in Your Company


You can maximize your company’s communications by anticipating the needs of your customers and reaching out to them first with strategic outbound contact. In our webinar taking place today at 2:00 pm ET, “Outbound Contact in Today’s Compliance Environment,” we’ll be discussing how companies can launch outbound communication strategies while complying with regulatory requirements. If you haven’t already registered, it’s not too late! Register now and join us for an informative session this afternoon.

Then later this month, on July 31, we’ll continue the conversation on outbound strategy with a panel discussion organized by DestinationCRM. Join us for “Master Proactive Outbound IVR Engagements” to learn how to create truly effective outbound campaigns.

At this event, industry experts will explore how to:

  • Reduce costs by preempting predictable or repeatable interactions
  • Proactively engage customers at key moments of truth to win loyalty
  • Send event-triggered, personalized, outbound communications
  • Preserve live agents where their skills and expertise are required
  • Leverage outbound IVR as part of a multichannel strategy
  • Incorporate social media and interactive, conversational SMS into your proactive outbound communications

Register now for either of these free events and discover the strategies that companies are using to reach their customers and save time and money. 

Michael Kropidlowski