Let Me Do It Myself: The Rising Importance of Self-Service and New Consumer Expectations.


Today’s self-reliant consumers want fast, effortless access to information and services — using the channels they prefer and increasingly, the ability to solve customer service problems on their own. But the general thinking around “self-service” is static Interactive Voice Response menus, endless loops and working your way to an agent only to have to repeat all of the information you provided.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Advancements in technology, the adoption of mobile devices and new interaction channels have created a first-class environment for rich, personalized self-service interactions. The new self-service improves the customer experience and increases engagement while lowering costs.

On June 23rd at 1:00 PM EDT Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Kate Leggett and I will present the webinar, Let Me Do It Myself: The Rising Importance of Self-Service and New Consumer Expectations. We’ll show you how to turn the self-service challenge into an opportunity for consumer engagement success.

Register to attend this webinar and:

  • Learn why self-service is the most compelling long-term solution for meeting new customer expectations
  • Build a business case for omni-channel consumer engagement
  • Get data to help prioritize your self-service channel adoption
  • Understand the tangible benefits of improved self-service, including findings from the recent Forrester Technology Adoption Profile study

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Joe Gagnon, Chief Customer Strategy Officer

Joe Gagnon is Chief Customer Strategy Officer at Aspect. For over 20 years Joe has studied the evolving relationship between companies and consumers and how content and customer interaction affects that relationship. From Penn Foster, to IBM, Exit 41 to E&Y, Joe has helped some of the most well-known companies solve their customer engagement challenges.
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