Legacy Recording Solutions Can Jeopardize Your Customer Experience


If your contact center is like most, you rely on processes for quality management and coaching to optimize the level of service your agents deliver. However, these processes are only as effective as the tools needed to collect and analyze data, such as your recording, quality monitoring and speech analytics solutions. As these tools age, they can fall out of sync with current technology, resulting in less-than-optimal customer experiences.

Businesses looking to upgrade a recording solution that is older than 2-5 years should start with a top-level assessment of capabilities in any potential replacement first. Points of comparison should include: how agents’ calls and screens are recorded; whether recordings can take place based on business rules; how agent evaluations are performed; delivery of customer surveys and other must-haves. But don’t stop there. Beyond these essentials, you’ll also want to delve into considerations such as data encryption, ease of use and calibration effectiveness.

Recording eBookKnowing what to look for and what to avoid in a new solution can be tricky. A good place to start is with our eBook, How Legacy Recording and Quality Management Technologies Can Put Your Business at Risk. In the recently released Part I, we explored the types of costs typically associated with an upgrade, what features are essential in a modern contact center and the importance of relying on industry-standard technology to meet consumers’ needs. Now, we’re pleased to offer Part II of the eBook, which covers:

  • Are there hidden fees in recording solution options that aren’t really “optional?”
  • What would a data breach cost your business?
  • Do better tools mean happier employees?
  • What are the leading drivers of QA credibility?

Download Part II now (and catch up on Part I if you missed it!) Plus, watch for the third and final part coming soon.

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Chris O'Brien