Leading analyst house recognises us as market leader for contact centres in the cloud


Ventana Research, leading business and technology research and advisory services firm, has named us as a Value Index Leader in the first Ventana Research Value Index for Contact Centres in the Cloud.

We came second in the overall ranking and ranked number one in total cost of ownership (TCO) / Return on Investment (ROI). According to Ventana, the most frequently cited benefits of cloud-based contact centre systems are cost savings, a reduced need for in-house resources and better financial visibility and control.

This is a great achievement for us, solidifying our commitment towards creating solutions that offer the best possible customer experience and confirming our place as a leading provider of cloud-based contact centre systems.

The research outlined that to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience, organisations must integrate channels of communication, share all available information among the employees and systems handling interactions, apply the same rules in all of them and maintain context as customers move from channel to channel.

Our cloud solution, Aspect Via, focuses on these points, providing a better service for both customer and agent, by integrating various services seamlessly in the cloud. Instead of having separate servers, user interfaces and reporting, Aspect Via brings all this together with common monitoring and administration and because of not needing to integrate different systems, customers realise a greater ROI.

Through this solution, end-customers can connect with an organisation in any way they wish, with seamless integration between channels.

As an example, the customer can purchase a service via an app but make amends to the service at a later stage through text message or speak to an agent about what they’ve booked. Customers never need to repeat information again – one of the biggest frustrations for customers when dealing with a contact centre.

Not only does this solution mean that agents are equipped with the relevant information when handling customers, it also enables them to provide a better, more personalised service to the customer, and focus on what matters – building relationships!

Mark Smith, Ventana CEO & Chief Research Officer said: “Aspect’s high rating in TCO/ROI was earned because it provides useful information and services to help organisations realise the full potential of the product. The company’s new offering, Aspect Via® has been designed to deliver a quality user experience which contributes to its High Usability rating.”

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