Just Released: Aspect 5th Annual Consumer Index Report


We’ve all been there; we need to interact with customer service and we just want to get it done right.  We want to be sure that the issue is resolved correctly – For most of us, it’s actually more than speed, convenience and personalization.  

Without going out on a limb, I bet your customers feel the same way.  But what else is important to your customers?   

Aspect recently conducted a national study of 1,100 Americans aged 18-74 in partnership with Farrell Insight to better understand customer experience sentiment across a variety of customer service and contact center interactions.  We’ve taken the results and put them together in our 5th Annual Consumer Index Report.

Read the report to get the data and details around these key findings:   

  1.  Customers want effective experiences 
  2.  Providing great services increases revenue 
  3.  Customers want relevant outbound communications 
  4.  Self-service works for simple tasks 
  5.  Customers prefer happy agents 

Spoiler alert:  The results might surprise you!   

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