Is Virtual the Next Reality for Contact Centers?


The modern contact center must be highly attuned to the emerging technologies that drive customer satisfaction today. Tools like chatbots and SMS features are designed to facilitate superior service and mimic the same types of social interactions that consumers have in their own personal lives.

By making strides to be an early adapter to emerging technologies, you set your contact center apart from the competition and put yourself in a position to continue exceeding your customers’ needs.

However, the ever-accelerating rate of change makes it hard to get ahead. The leading contact centers today already leverage chatbots, SMS and intuitive IVR systems, simply making these tools the new status quo. In order to retain a competitive edge, you need to look ahead. And according to some experts, that may include virtual reality.

In a recent Business Wire report, it was found that both augmented and virtual reality are expected to increase in response to the need for enhanced customer experience (CX) and to make better in-roads at improving agent productivity.

virtual reality

The potential applications are immense. Imagine if you ran the contact center for a furniture manufacturer, for instance. Rather than walking your customer through the instructions over the phone, your agent could digitally appear alongside them in their garage to point them in the right direction.

Of course, virtual reality won’t be limited to furniture manufacturers. But just about every contact center is looking for a way to give their customers a greater degree of connection and a personal touch. And though VR technology may not be mainstream just yet, staying ahead of the competition demands that you stay up-to-date on the latest and most innovative contact center solutions.