Is my company killing me?


With headlines like “Low Social Interaction Harms Lifespan on a Par with Obesity, Smoking, Inactivity” and “how extreme isolation warps the mind” it is easy to understand why building a collaborative work environment is trending significantly upward. While the headlines may be overdramatic, the sentiment cannot go unnoticed. We all feel better when we are happy. In business, this is where it may get complicated.

Do you have a way to quantify how collaboration, or lack of collaboration effects your bottom line? For so many of the customers we speak with there is a fogginess around how to measure the impact of investing in collaboration solutions. I challenge that the first place to look is directly at your customers satisfaction. Yes, I am leaning on the old adage “happy wife = happy life”, but pivoting it for the enterprise, “happy employees and business partners = happy customers”. While there are many factors that impact customer satisfaction, the internal employee satisfaction is something you can control, you can measure and impact change.

So why is it that the internal collaboration tools often are an afterthought? With work-from-home, virtual meetings, online training, job sharing and many other common ways we engage without face to face interactions we are seeing our customers rethink building a more intimate connection with their employees. The expectations of employees are the driving force in the evolution of corporate culture.  According to Dan Schawbel, in his article 10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2017, “…employee retention and engagement have become some of HR’s top issues as top talent has numerous employment options and productivity is key to growth. In another study, it was discovered that 83% of HR said that “employee experience” is either important or very important to their organizations success…”

You may be asking, why would I go to a traditional contact center software company to help drive better collaboration with my employees? Simply put, we understand how people engage with companies.  Regardless if they are a customer, a franchisee or an internal employee. We have spent 40+ years building solutions to enable better experiences, period. Most recently I was fortunate enough to travel to one of our customers, Complete Nutrition, headquartered in Omaha, NE. I spent the day interviewing the team members, both at the corporate HQ and one of their retail stores. They were more than happy to share the benefits they have realized by enabling a more modern collaboration environment for their franchisee’s.  Take a look and see how Complete Nutrition is leading the way with the tools their franchisees demanded and as a result how they are benefiting on the bottom line because of it!