Introducing Aspect Via: The complete customer engagement center in the cloud


The era of managing customer contact through lightly-integrated point solutions is over. Aspect realizes that cobbled together customer service operations just cannot meet the expectations of today’s connected, intelligent and demanding consumers. That is why we recently introduced Aspect® Via™, the complete customer engagement center in the cloud. With native interaction management, workforce optimization, IVR and self-service, Aspect Via is unique in supplying a complete set of cloud-based customer service capabilities that can be easily integrated into the larger customer-driven enterprise.

We felt we had to deliver world-class capabilities in the essential areas of self-service, customer engagement, service intelligence, proactive outreach, agent empowerment, people and process optimization, reporting and analytics via an open, SaaS architecture.

To truly reimage the customer experience, however, it was not enough to simply deliver these capabilities. Aspect has developed design principles to ensure that our customers can offer the best possible user experience to their customers. It comes down to enabling customer service that is convenient no matter the channel (text, visual or voice) anytime, anywhere (at home, on the go or at work).

Given today’s ‘let me do it’ consumer, Aspect realizes consumers demand contemporary self-service options such as SMS, FB Messenger, Twitter, etc. We also appreciate that all interactions could end up in the contact center so we ensure seamless, context-aware transitions across channels, even when going from automated self-service to agent-assistance. It’s all about empowering customers and agents alike to keep the conversation going until a question is answered or a problem resolved.

We are very excited about Aspect Via as it is based entirely on proven technology from Aspect’s comprehensive portfolio, all in the cloud, utilizing our latest next-generation components. Aspect Via offers:

  • The only customer engagement center with native interaction management, workforce optimization, IVR and self-service capabilities
  • Developed as one platform, based on proven technologies from Aspect’s marketing-leading portfolio
  • Common UI for configuration and administration across all capabilities
  • Shared real-time and historical reporting across all capabilities
  • Role-based UI provides an easy to use, streamlined UX for agents, team leads, and administrators
  • Designed exclusively for the cloud

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Michael Kropidlowski