INFOGRAPHIC: Six “Super Agent” Customer Service Resolutions for 2015


Hey, it’s Erica! Greetings from the “agent” side of the customer experience!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook this past year, you know how much of a blast I’ve had giving shout-outs to my fellow agents and businesses who are going above and beyond to deliver remarkable customer service. Not only is it motivating and inspiring to know we’re making customers happy, it’s great for the bottom line as well. Positive experiences help build relationships, which drives long-term loyalty. An Aspect-sponsored study conducted by GfK Custom Research, LLC found that nine out of ten businesses (90%) and nearly all customers (97%) agree that good customer service helps build relationships, which is what fuels repeat buying behavior. Hello, higher profit margins!

I was looking over recent stats like these on customer service trends, and it hit me – we should be looking ahead for ways to drive even BETTER customer experiences in 2015! That’s how my New Year’s Resolutions were born. Take a look, and feel free to share them with your team!


Customer Service New Year Resolutions