Infographic: Making it Through the Millennial Customer Service Maze


Entitled. Tech-dependent. Social media-obsessed. When you read these words are you picturing a Millennial? This group of 80 million strong may have gotten itself a bad reputation from the older generations, but really, which older generation doesn’t think the younger ones are slackers? But Millennials are also passionate, risk takers, and very experience loyal. Stereotypes aside, with Millennials estimated to outspend Boomers by 2017, companies can’t ignore the spending power and influence of the Millennials for much longer without risking going out of business.

At Aspect we took a look at how this generation is impacting the customer experience. Along with Millennial expert, Jason Dorsey from the Center of Generational Kinetics we surveyed adults of all ages and examined the generational and technological divergence between consumer groups and their perceptions and preferences towards customer service. Through analysis we developed The Aspect Consumer Experience Index: Millennial Research on Customer Service Expectations that provides analysis on how companies can adapt to this shifting consumer challenge.

Take a look at the infographic for insights that will help you address Millennials’ evolving needs and expectations when engaging with your brand — before they take their business elsewhere.

Millennial Maze hi-resFINAL
Making it Through the Millennial Customer Service Maze