Infographic: Forrester Study Reveals What Customers REALLY Want from Self-Service


We live in a culture of smart phones, messaging apps, texting, email and links to “Chat With A Representative Now!” Self-checkout lanes at the grocery store are more popular than ever, and one-third of us would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service (according to Aspect’s 2015 Customer Experience Index).

Self-service is on the rise, and that’s great news for contact centers. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Aspect suggests that a seamless self-service experience could save businesses an average of $22 million in unnecessary costs incurred when customers switch from ineffective online self-service channels to voice.

Check out the infographic below for more insights from Forrester’s Technology Adoption Profile report, and be sure to REGISTER for this Thursday’s live webinar: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Service Experience!


self-service infographic

Chris O'Brien

Chris is a 15-year creative services veteran, with a background in copywriting, content management and graphic design. She works with the Aspect marketing and product teams developing digital assets (like infographics and ebooks) to help businesses make smart customer contact decisions.